Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sixty Six Official Trailer

Some movies from abroad take time to reach US shores. Well it took 2 years to Sixty Six to do so! Sixty Six is a comedy coming from the United Kingdom. The movie, directed by Paul Weiland, is about a young jewish boy whose bar mitzvah in 1966 is unfortunately concurrent to the football World Cup finale (soccer).

Sixty Six is slated for a limited release in early August 2008.

Here below the official trailer of Sixty Six:

From the makers of "Billy Elliot" and "About A Boy"


The plot:
"The protagonist, a Jewish boy named Bernie Reubens, is about to have his bar mitzvah. Initially, he meticulously plans a lavish reception to upstage that of his older brother Alvie, but as the family's finances lurch from one disaster to another his family are forced to lower his expectations and stage the bar mitzvah reception at home in North London. When England reach the 1966 football World Cup Final, most of the guests make excuses not to come to the reception so that they can watch the game." (Source: Wikipedia)

A nice comedy with some Jewish and British humor that even American goys (or Jews) may enjoy!